Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 6

This week was pretty interesting. It started out on Monday after P-Day had ended. A Member took us to a buffet for dinner and while we were there a guy who was working in the meat section started asking us a ton of questions, it got to the point that there was a line behind us and he still kept talking. He said he'd call us so that we could talk more, but he never did. The experience itself was cool though, it gave me an opportunity to teach in a different environment. We are still teaching Ted, the guy who let us into his house. He is the only investigator we have that is keeping the commitments he makes with us, the funny thing is that he is only meeting with us to gain physical knowledge and not spiritual knowledge, we're slowly working on that though. The last lesson we had with him was about the Plan of Salvation, for some reason my companion and I were being very bold during that lesson and telling him things that would probably make most people upset, but he completely understood what we were saying and he said that he really likes our view on life after death, he says it seems more fair and said it feels "right." After that lesson with Ted my companion told me that he's pretty sure my teaching style is meant to be bolder, he says he feels like that fits my personality, so we'll have to wait and see how that works out. I went on exchanges this weekend with the missionary leader of our area, I learned quite a bit about myself through our conversations, I was pretty bold with some of my questions and answer that I gave him and it threw him off guard, he said it's good that I was being bold because too many Missionaries are submissive to their leaders and don't put in their say. I hope he was being honest and not just trying to make me feel better. The Fireside went very well. Too be honest I originally thought it was going to suck but a good amount of people showed up and even one of our investigators came! My companion and I discussed where we were before this life and where we are going after this life and we actually answered some deep questions that people asked, all in all the people who were there felt the spirit and that was really the purpose of having it, so all together it went very well.
On Labor Day, we painted a members house from 9-1 and went to a Ward picnic from 2-5 it was a lot of socializing which oddly makes me more tired than actually working. But it was fun and productive so it was well worth it.
Oh yeah! I got hit on by an old lady. We were at an investigators home and her mother was there, and as we were leaving her mother basically told me that I was a very attractive young man and that I must have a lot of girls chasing after but that I should keep my eyes open still.
Or something like that. It was really weird...
Anyways, sorry this was so long. I guess I had a bit to say.

Love you all!
-Cody Eddenfield

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