Sunday, March 26, 2017

Still Normal

   This was a great week! So first things first, transfers came and as usual we got a call. I just can't seem to get away from being affected by transfers every time. It's okay though because it keeps things exciting. Elder Thornock is leaving after being in the area for six months. I am staying and my new companion who will be Elder Berryhill. I'm really excited because he was in my last District and he is a really funny Elder. Should be a good transfer!
   We weren't really able to teach any of our investigators this last week except for Joyce because they were all either out of town for their break or for some other reasons. Joyce is doing great though! She didn't come to church because she is having back problems but she took us out to lunch and we had a lesson with her last night. She told us that she isn't sure if she wants to change because of how long she has been Catholic but she said that she will keep reading and keep coming to church when she can and will try to get an answer. She's awesome!
   We found someone this week named Dick who we will hopefully be teaching this week. We also got pulled into a 7th Day Adventist session thing while we were at the Religious Institute Building for ISU. We were just using the bath room and a few people invited us we did for a bit. It was definitely very....interesting...yeah. That's about all I can say about that. We also decided that we are going to be working with the YSA group and the college kids more. There are a few YSA things that we are going to be attending to see how we can work with them and hopefully it all works out well.
   I think that's about it for this week. I've had some really great studies around D&C 4 and 6 this week. It's amazing what I have learned about our duties to harvest and sow seeds among those whom we interact with. As we share the gospel God will bless us with eternal life and with joy throughout our lives. Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Eddenfield

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Covenants Made at Baptism

Hello everyone!

   This was a pretty great week...and an interesting one. So, Monday was a usual day and then Tuesday came around and we had interviews with President Griffin and that was fun. We worked until dinner with our Ward Mission Leader and found out that one of our investigators passed away...that was quite the shock. I'm just glad that we were able to teach her a little bit before that happened. She's in a better place at least. 
   On Wednesday we had District Meeting as usual and then that night we went on a mini exchange so that I could go interview someone for baptism in Morton and then the other Elders were able to make our dinner appointment. I've got to say, interviewing someone for baptism is a really cool experience. It made me look at the Covenants I've made at baptism and look at how I'm doing at living them. Anyone who has been baptized should do that, it's cool.
   On Thursday we met with Cassie. She actually read and had a bunch of questions about what she read and we answered them all and realized that she read 3 Nephi 10 and not 11 (which is what we invited her to read) so she was really confused at what was going on in that part. We helped her understand though. We taught her about the first vision and she feels like it could be true and said that if she came to know that these things were true she would be baptized! She even brought up the fact that she had already been baptized as an infant and if she needed to be baptized again. We reminded her about the Priesthood and told her yes, she would need to be baptized again and she said that would be fine. She's awesome! Spring break is this next week so we won't be meeting with her then...too bad. She's doing good though.
   Friday was a pretty fun day as well. We stopped by a former named Dick who let us in and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and he said that we could come back. New investigator alert! We got out of there at 6:30 which was when we were supposed to be at Avantis for dinner with Sister Schildt and her non-member friend Adriene. Suffice to say that we got their late but so did the other girl who was coming, Amanda. We showed them Preach My Gospel and how to use it since Adreane is going to Ecuador for a mission trip. We also taught the Restoration and they both seemed to think that it was interesting. It was definitely a different experience. It was fun though!
   That's all of the excitement for this week except for the fact that Joyce came to church! We just texted her that morning saying that we would be excited to see her at church...and she showed up! Super cool! I know that God lives and that we can turn to him for all things. I love you all! Have a great week!

I ate squid with a bunch of other random stuff that the Elders put on top of it. It was gross.

Lunch at the church.