Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas!

   Merry Christmas to each of you. It was quite the good one for me. Got to call the family, went to some members homes, and was able to feel the Spirit in great abundance. Overall, a very good Christmas. This past week was really good, but before I get into that I forgot to mention that we had a missionary Christmas party last week. It was really fun to read all of the letters I received from my family and from the Ward. If anyone from the home Ward is reading this thank you so much for the cards! I will try my hardest to write back. We had a talent show to end the party and I sang with a missionary that I came out with, sang in a group with my Zone, and was in a little skit. It was pretty fun but tiring. We were supposed to go caroling afterwards but it was below zero so we decided that we didn't really want to go stand outside and freeze.
   So, this last week we were able to get some finding in and we're able to teach another lesson with Brett. We aren't really sure why he's meeting with us because he disagrees with us on a lot of doctrinal points. We know he likes us because he calls us quite frequently to ask about somewhat spiritual personal stuff. He also likes church because he invited some random lady that loves in his building to church and she wants to come. He's already being a fantastic missionary and he hasn't even been baptized!
   There was a lady that we found through tracting a few weeks ago named Brenda who we were finally able to teach this last Friday. It was a really good lesson and we had the former Ward Mission Leader come with us. She was very intrigued by the Book of Mormon and has gone to a lot of different churches while on her search for the truth. We taught her the message of the Restoration and she agreed with everything that we taught and even told us in the lesson that she believes that God is three different people with the same purpose and not three in one. Pretty cool. When we taught about Joseph Smith and bore our testimony that we know that he is a prophet she said that she believes it as well! Part of Elder Nelsons training this week was to invite someone to be baptized, and he did a stellar job inviting her and we were able to put her on date for January 21! We have another lesson with her tonight and we are bringing the Relief Society President and her husband to the lesson. Hope it goes well! 
   Transfers came and......I will be staying in Rockford! Elder Nelson is being transferred to DeKalb. My new companion is Elder Barnes and for those of you who remember, I shared the St. Charles Ward with him. I'm excited to serve with him. President issued me an assignment to serve as a District Leader...not sure why but hey, I trust he's inspired. I'm pretty nervous but we'll see how it goes.
   That's about it for this week. I know that the Savior lives and loves each and every one of you. Follow Him and you WILL find joy and peace, even through your trails. I know that from the bottom of my heart. I love you all hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a happy new year!

Elder Eddenfield 


Monday, December 26, 2016

Most Boring Day

Hi everyone,
  This week was pretty good. Everyone is going to miss out on a longer email since I won't be writing much considering the fact that I will be skyping the family this week. 
   We had a cool experience with giving someone a blessing this week. She had a bad fall and broke her leg so she's been at a rehab center for a couple of weeks. Her step-mother is a member of the church and told her that she should get a blessing. Well, she took her up on that offer and that's where we came in. She is a really nice, talkative lady. To make a pretty long story short I gave her the blessing and we talked afterwards about God and religion and she said she would like missionaries to come by, she doesn't live in our area though, like usual. But as usual, that's alright. 
   We also shoveled some driveways for people when it was freezing cold. It was so cold this week that they canceled church, what made it even worse is that we had to stay in unless we had an appointment and a ride to get there, which we didn't so we literally just stayed inside for about 8 hours straight on Sunday. Most boring day of my mission by far. We tried to stay effective but there's only so much you can do in Area Book and on the phone. We tried though. 
   Yeah, that's about it for this week. Not the most interesting week, no one's out because they don't want to live here because it's so cold. But they live here anyways. Not sure why but they're here. Anyways, have a great Christmas everyone! I know that the Savior lives and that this season is meant to keep Him in our thoughts, always remember him in everything that you do and thank our Father in Heaven for the matchless gift of His Son. I love you all and hope you have a great Christmas week.

- Elder Eddenfield

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nov 21 Letter. Oops! I'm a Bad Missionary Mom

Well, it feels good to be back in Rockford. Sadly as we've been going out and about I've realized there is not much ghetto in our area. Oh well, it'll still be good. Also, it's cold. Pulling the winter clothes out is nice. To start Elder Nelson is great! He has a real love for the people here and wants to show it in everything that he does. That's a really good quality that I hope rubs off on me during my time with him. We have a good number of investigators already who have some good potential.
   Walter is on date but I haven't met him yet, hopefully this week. Brandy has been investigating for years and years but has to work through some issues before she can be baptized. Noreen was just referred to us about two weeks ago and has some really good potential but due to some issues is now having some difficulty with the church. Stay updated. Brett is a friend of a members and has a lot of questions and concerns about the church but he has been coming to church for the past few weeks. 
   A funny story. We got a referral as I got to the area so we called her and asked if we could coke by that night. She said it would be fine so we showed up, gave her the Bible she requested, and got to talking. As we were explaining the Book of Mormon to her she interrupted us and told us that she doesn't think there would be another book of scripture and that she would be asking her pastor about it. So, we told her that her pastor would most likely tell her not to read it. She thought it was odd that we would tell her that but we always have reasons for doing things. We then explained shouldn't ask her pastor because he can be influenced by the devil but that she should ask God, the source of all knowledge, if she should read it. She decided to follow the latter path and said that she would still ask her pastor but would still read it on her own. When we go back to follow up we are going to give her a copy to give her pastor. It feels good to be bold.
   Have a great week and stay fresh!

- Elder Eddenfield