Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 31

Hey Everyone!
This last week was fantastic! Transfers are this week and Elder Williford is leaving and my new companion is going to be Elder Maynard. Elder Johnson is also getting transferred and Elder Royce's new companion is....Elder Fia! It's a little weird but I guess it should be pretty cool sharing a Ward with my old companion. Anyways!
We had a good number of lessons last week. We had a couple of lessons with Herbert. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom and they both went really well. He's progressing quite well too, he's super excited about his baptism. We taught Cecilia about the Word of Wisdom as well and she committed to live it! We had a few lessons with some referrals as well. One of them is named Chad and he is a member referral. He's super ready to hear the gospel, we shared the message of the Restoration and he said that everything we shared made sense and he feels like it could be true. We went on exchanges later that day and Elder Morwood came to my area. We had a few lessons set up but they all pretty much fell through, but we did stop by some people and set up appointments for this week. It was a pretty good exchange over all.  That's all that really happened that was super exciting. I'm excited for this new transfer And I'll let you all know how Elder Maynard is! Have a great week and keep up the good work!
Love you all!

-Elder Eddenfield

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We took someone's cigarettes!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 30

Hey Everyone! This last week was actually really great! We had a good number of lessons. They were all with Cecilia and Herbert and they all went really well. We taught Herbert a little more in depth about the Restoration and after we talked about the priesthood he expressed his hope in being able to get it someday, which actually led us to putting him on a date for baptism! He accepted and every time we see him he reminds us of when he date is. It's coming up pretty soon so we need to kick into overdrive and make sure we're doing all we can to grow his testimony. We had two lessons with Cecilia and the first one we had the De Coto's with us and we went in there with the plan to teach her the Restoration but based off of some things she said we felt that she really needed the Plan of Salvation, so, that's what we taught!
She took it all really well and loved the different degrees of glory.
The second lesson we had with her we brought Brother Cuevas and had planned to teach the whole Restoration again but she ended up needing some questions answered about the Book of Mormon that took some time to answer. We eventually helped her understand it's importance and then we taught her about the priesthood and it's importance in the role of baptism. We also ended up putting her on date for baptism!
We're a little worried that she won't meet her date due to some things we learned about recently but we will help her get as close to it as possible. During the week we had dinner with the Arnone family, he is in the YSA Branch Presidency so he doesn't actually go to our Ward, but they still fed us! Sister Arnone made pot roast and had a whole bunch of other items that were all from scratch and it was super good!
They are a pretty cool family and are definitely strong in the faith.
Something else exciting that happened is that we decided to start a Book of Mormon study class on Wednesdays and we decided to do it the day before and we actually had a member show up and Herbert even came!
It was a really good discussion and I think Herbert learned a few things while there. We hope to have some more member involved in it during the coming weeks but it was good regardless. On Sunday it was super crazy, we got fed lunch and dinner, and they were both super good. Lunch was some sort of potato casserole and dinner was homemade pizza. I was definitely full last night! And that was pretty much my week.

On our way to District Meeting last week we were listening to some talks and one about pride played. Pride is something we all need to work on really, it doesn't always come in the form of thinking that you're better than someone in a negative way. If at anytime we justify a sin because we think that our circumstance merits our disobedience, that alone is being prideful. If God has given us a commandment only he can say whether we have to do it or not, and he won't tell us not to. So keep that in mind this week, don't think "I can make an exception this time."
That's all for this week!
Love you all!
-Elder Cody Eddenfield

Choose the Right

I fell on my butt when pulling down the vine...

The last real chunk of snow: