Monday, March 6, 2017

Blanket Blitz

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty great! We found another new investigator named Cassie. She's a really cool college girl who we found two weeks ago while tracting. She doesn't really know much about the church but is open to most religions. We didn't teach her when we first found her so we set up an appointment for last week on Thursday. When we came by she had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and asked if we practiced polygamy. We assured her that we did not she said that her parents had told her that. I just think it's cool that even though her parents have thoughts and feeling towards the church in a certain way she is still willing to meet with us. She asked lots of good questions and some deep questions during our meeting and really likes what we shared and said that it all makes sense. We'll be going back this Thursday to teach her more. She is the only investigator we found this week but we'll get some more this week. We have lots of people that we tried to help become investigators last week but the odds were not in our favor it seemed. All is well though.
    We went on exchanges with the Morton Elders and I went with Elder Hadlock. It was a fun exchange. We did some good finding and gave a church tour to an awesome investigator that they have. I really learned a lot about the importance of just doing things. If I'm walking down the street and I see someone and think that I should talk to them...I should just do it. Elder Hadlock is really good at that. It was a good exchange and they are good Elders.
    We taught seminary that morning and that was pretty fun. The lesson was on 2 Corinthians 6-7. I really like this now that I studied them in depth. I especially like Chapter 7 which is about the difference between Worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow. It's interesting trying to recognize when you are feeling one or the other. It's something I can now work on more.
    On Saturday we helped make quilts for kids that don't have beds or bedding. It's a project called Bed Blitz and Saturday’s project was a sub-project called the Blanket Blitz. We cut excess strips off of the fabric and ironed the hemmed fabric flat. It was pretty fun and there was a good amount of people there helping. Now I can help people make blankets in the future! Just kidding, I still don't know how they make them. It sure was fun though.
      On Sunday we met crazy Beth. Long story short she asked us if we could cast a demon out of her house that she thinks is living there...we probably won't go back which is too bad because she is interested in learning. There's more to the story but it probably doesn't need to be shared...a story when I am home then. I also bore my testimony in church on Sunday because no adults were going up so 6 kids went and then there was another pause. I love doing that as a Missionary it usually makes everyone else go up and bear testimony about missionary work. It was cool.
   That's about all for this week. The Spirit is awesome! Make sure that you follow everything you feel inspired to do. Blessings WILL follow. I'm excited to for this week and to work harder! I love you all! Have a great week!

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