Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 10

Hello all!

     This week was amazing. It started out like any other week, that being a slow one. But once Wednesday hit the week got one thousand times better, on Wednesday we had quite a bit of success with some less active members and are actually seeing some success with them having a desire to gain their own testimonies again. The next day we had success with a less active member that we have been unable to contact for a really long time. One of these less active members actually watched General Conference for the first time in 5 years!
Wednesday was also great because that was Moms last day for her cancer treatments, it's been a long and rough process but the Lord has blessed us with her great recovery. Nothing too exciting happened on Thursday except for that we got fed dinner twice...that was really interesting and I don't think I ever want it again. On Friday Elder Weigel had to go to a monthly leadership training so I went on an exchange with Elder Burton who's companion also had to go to the meeting. Elder Burton came out with me and it was cool to see how much we've progressed in two short months. He's a really good missionary who is seeing a lot of success in his area. When I went to their area we taught a lot of lessons, got multiple potential investigators, and found a woman who was raised L.D.S. and showed a desire to try out church again. They should be really busy this week.

     On Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference and my goodness I'm upset that I never payed attention during conference before, it was so good and I got a whole lot out of it. I realized that I need to be more obedient as a Missionary if I want to see the success I desire. It's not that I'm not obedient it's just that I need to pay attention to the little things I need to change. Since we made the decision to be more obedient and make a list of things we need to do we've already seen a miracle. We made the list on Sunday and last night we went to go teach an instigator we have and a young man we've seen there multiple times opened the door and we asked him if he was interested in learning what we were teaching his friend and he said "honestly, I really do." We won't be able to baptize him because of the shortness of time we have but we can prepare him for the next missionaries and we know he'll be prepared, I can feel that he is ready to hear the message and accept it. I'm excited to keep preparing people.

That's all for this week!
-Elder Cody Eddenfield

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