Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 13! Not a Newbie

Hello all!
My week was pretty good! We actually had a pretty good amount of lessons last week with some fairly solid investigators. None of them made any lame excuses for why they could can't go to church and some of them should be to the Trunk-or-Treat on Wednesday. We also met a very less active member who was baptized as a Catholic over 10 years ago but we started visiting with her and a lot of the things that bothered her about our church were actually false so we have been addressing a lot of concerns and she is starting to read the Book of Mormon again!
We've actually been meeting with a lot of less-active members lately and it's been going fairly well I would say. We also did quite a bit of service this week as well. That pretty much consists of my week!
Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Weigel is leaving me. He's going to be a Zone Leader in Rockford. Elder Fia is going to be my new companion, he has been in my district since I've been out so I know him fairly well already. I am no longer a new Missionary either, yesterday was my last day as one. Now I'm a big boy!

Love you all!
-Elder Eddenfield

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