Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 19! Moving!

I'm moving! Where to you ask? Rockford Illinois! I'm being transferred to the Rockford 1st ward and my new companion is going to be Elder Williford. I've never met him before but I've heard good things about him and it really all depends on my attitude anyways. I can't say how blessed I've been to serve in the Bourbonnais Ward and to grow and see others around me grow. The one horrible thing is how sad members are when you leave, especially the ones you've grown close to and love.
But, such is the missionary life. I've definitely learned a lot during my first 4 and a half months, all being in Kankakee. Many of the members told me how much they've seen me grow since I first got here and a lot of the people that talked to me forgot I was still new and thought I was going home...nope! Not for a while, and I want it that way, this work is too great.
Anyways, this week was great!
On Monday we got into the Daltons home and got to visit with them for s little bit. Sister Dalton and her daughter have actually been coming to church pretty consistently the past few weeks, which is awesome! We showed them "A Savior is Born" and they really liked it. Her daughter wants to get baptized here pretty soon so the Elders will work on that.
On Tuesday we contacted a referral named Vivian. When we got to her house we handed her the Bible she requested and she asked us what we were going to teach her, so I guess she actually had us come over to teach her. She is super knowledgeable about the Bible but the problem is that she takes everything spiritually which is good and bad. She says that she doesn't need to take the sacrament because the Scriptures are her bread and water and that because the church is in her heart she doesn't need to go to church. Which is a great way to think if she also understood that those things are literal, but the Elders will just have to teach her correct principles and let her govern herself. I have a good feeling about her though.
On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Jackson, he's the Zone Leader with Elder Freitas. Basically all we did the entire exchange was help the Miller family move. That's all we did for the whole day.
It was a good exchange though and I learned a lot from Elder Jackson and I was able to get some advice as well so it all worked out. Also, Nesha and her boyfriend Peter came to the Book of Mormon class and enjoyed it.
On Thursday we met with Nesha and it seemed like she got nothing out of the lesson. We taught her the Restoration and kept it pretty simple and covered the topics multiple times but she just didn't remember anything. We also had dinner at the Ronstadts and had some sort of pasta soup and it was really good!
On Friday we went down to Watseka with Brother Anderson and unlike normal every person we stopped by was home and was fine talking with us. One of the members we stopped by told us that she wants to work towards the Temple but she doesn't feel like she has enough faith so he Elders are going to go by once a week was teach her out of Gospel Principles and hopefully help her prepare. Everyone else was just a normal visit.
On Saturday we had another lesson with Nesha and as it turns out she remembered most of what we taught her at the previous lesson! We showed her the restoration video and she was saying what was going to happen in the video before it happened, which is freaking awesome! We also had a lesson with Alexis and that lesson went very well. We talked to her about Jesus Christ and somehow we got into Temples a little bit.
On Sunday Alexis and Nesha both went to church and they both had a great time! We taught the lesson in Elders Quorum and we chose to use the First Presidency message in the December Ensign as our topic and I think it went pretty well. We also watched the Christmas Devotional and it was awesome!

That's pretty much it for this week!

Elder Eddenfield

Choose the Right

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