Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 20

Hello all!

Man this week was pretty great! I got my new companion, Elder Williford, he is so much fun and he wants to work hard as well so it's the best of both worlds. He's from Arizona, that's two companions from Arizona now so I guess it's the new Utah? He's super into cars which brings me to the car situation. We share a Ward with another companionship, but this time it's Elders so we can actually have some fun. Their names are Elder Johnson and Elder Royce. Elder Royce is new but he's breaking in pretty well. Elder Johnson is just a fun loving goofball. We get the car during the week and they get it on the weekends but this week we're putting the car in the shop so we won't have it at all. We play some weird game whenever we're in the car together. It's just a bunch of the car name games like slug bug and coop scoop all put together and we tally points and whoever loses has to do something. It's pretty fun and the car share is already awesome.
On Tuesday, the day of transfers, we had a very interesting day. First of all, after we left we had a lunch appointment with a member Elder Williford and Elder Johnson had served around and we went to the right address, just not the right city. So we ended up in Chicago which so happens to be outside of the that was exciting. Leaving the mission boundaries is a big deal but luckily President understood.
Then we went to the lunch, at the right place this time. Lunch was at Chipotle, my favorite, but apparently Elder Johnson's body doesn't agree with that because afterwards Elder Johnson got a super fat lip, turns out he was allergic to something there but we aren't sure what.
Then on Wednesday nothing super exciting happened I just got to meet a few members and we tried to contact some referrals and had pretty good success with that.
On Thursday we had Zone Training and it was awesome! Normally we would have zone focuses which is a focus each group of missionaries make but now President decided that we should have mission focuses instead and I sustain that idea wholly. The focus for this month is perfect mornings which was definitely given through divine inspiration due to the fact that I personally struggle with that and I know that most missionaries struggle with it as well. The main focus is that as we perfect our mornings everything else will follow and it's the mornings that make or break our obedience and diligence.
On Friday we did weekly planning which went okay. We definitely need to find a different way to plan effectively and I have a few ideas.
On Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference. My second in three months...but I don't mind because it was soooo good. The entire conference was pretty much focused on the members trying to work with us to become one, I definitely feel pumped from it so I hope everyone else does as well.
On Saturday before the conference we went to a baptism for someone Elder Williford taught and it was awesome. He'd been taught for so long that basically a quarter of the mission was there to support him, President and Sister Griffin even showed up. We had some YSA members take us to the baptism and they are so much fun, I definitely hope I get to serve in the YSA at some point. For dinner before conference we went to Wendy's and out of the blue some lady put 20 dollars towards our meal! We had so much food that we couldn't even finish it all. It was super awesome and I'm kind of upset because she left before we could really say anything to her but I know she will be blessed for it.

That's pretty much all that happened. And to answer some questions.
Rockford is very ghetto, a large majority of the area we aren't supposed to go to past 6 pm. Luckily God protects his Missionaries so I'm not worried at all, in fact I'm excited!

Elder Eddenfield

Choose the Right

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