Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day

Hello everyone!
This week was pretty good. To start off the first exciting thing that happened is that we had a lesson with less active family that was set up by their home teachers and they asked us to come with them for the lesson. We taught  in unity with the member and they really understood the importance of relying on Jesus Christ to get through hardships and trials. Earlier in the day we just stopped by some people and knocked on some houses and talk to some people that knew who we were but weren't interested but at least they were nice. The next day we stopped by some people and went over to do service for the Theobald we were there for probably longer than we should've been and we tried to have a lesson but they were Ina rush for some reason and were just kind of like bye see you later. We also had dinner with a family and talked to them about some of their friends and what they would like to do to help them progress in the Gospel, it was pretty good.  The next day we stopped by people again and we stop by a former who told us to follow up with her this week and she read the Book of Mormon and said that she felt good while she read it and so we invited her to to pray to know if it is true and she said she would, she still isn't super open to having us come over but she said we can follow up with her so we're going to plan on doing that this week and seeing how it went but she felt the spirit and she recognizes that it was good so it's a really good sign and we're excited to see how things turn out with her. The rest of the week was not too exciting just a bunch if stopping by people and had a couple dinners that were pretty good. We had a meeting to prepare a bit for our fifth Sunday lesson, that went really well btw. We just talked about the importance of the members and tried to help them feel the spirit of missionary work. We had a really good lesson with the the Fikes. We showed up and they asked some good questions and then we taught them about the great apostasy and the need for the Book of Mormon. We told them that we claim to be the true church and if that is true then it's a big deal and they agreed. They both agreed to read the Book of Mormon again and to pray this time. They've starting progress nicely.

That's pretty much it for this week!
Love you all
-Elder Eddenfield

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