Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Fun Keeps Going On and So Does the Work!

Hey Everyone!

This week was pretty good! Elder Jepsen got here all safe and sound and man is he awesome. When we got all of our stuff together after he got here we went out to do some street contacting and this Elder talks to literally everyone! He was the crossing the street, speed walking, and making loops. Just so we could talk to everyone. It was awesome.
We taught the Theobald's a couple times this week and things aren't going anywhere with them. They just can't accept that there is one true church and nothing we say or testify to them does anything. We're most likely going to be dropping them pretty soon here. It really is too bad because they are a really nice couple. We also found some cool potentials. We stopped by Wesley Crump, I talked about him about a month ago, and a bunch of his other roommates were there. Wesley wasn't there but we were excepting that since he just got married. All of the other guys were very Bible savvy and had a lot of different questions, the lesson got a little Bible bashy which is one of my problems. I know the Bible well enough that I can use scriptures from just the Bible to teach, but it makes me prone to being more bashy.
There were five in total but only three of them committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and one of those three was very hesitant but still committed to doing so. He really wants evidence, which we could give him some stuff, but won't because it won't do anything. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and Elder Jepsen and I went up and bore our testimonies and a bunch of other members bore their testimonies on Missionary work and it was pretty great. We also led Singing time this Sunday, will be doing it next Sunday as well and will lead the kids for Father's Day. Pretty exciting! We also met with the Fikes and he had some concerns with baptism. He doesn't think that baptism is necessary to enter into Heaven, he thinks it's just to show Christ that you love him. So that's a concern we will have to address.
That's all of the excitement for this week. The fun keeps going on and so does the work!

Love you all!
-Elder Eddenfield

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