Monday, August 15, 2016

Super Gung-ho

Hey everyone!
   This last week was great! We had Zone Conference and that was fantastic as always, I always learn so much from my leaders and learn of new things to do so it was greatly needed when President mentioned taking things one step at a time. We talked a lot about Joseph Smith because that is our focus for the month. Man oh man do I love Joseph Smith, there is no way he isn't a prophet. Our big invitation was to strengthen our faith in him and so I have been doing just that and my testimony has grown so much. We were also invited to write our testimony in a Book of Mormon and give it out within 24 hours.
   We did a majority of personal contacting this week and did a decent amount of tracting and had some cool experiences. One of the times was when we were trying to give out our Book of Mormon's. Elder Atkinson was able to give his to the lady we found tracting and some Elders in Aurora have a lesson with her on Tuesday. My Book of Mormon was handed out in a park. He would only give us his number but at least I was able to give it out. The other time we went we only got to three doors but it took an hour because every house someone answered and the last guy knew how to talk. Luckily he accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would give it to his wife who loves to read religious books. Hopefully she realizes she has the best one now. We'll see where it goes. We also met a young man while walking and he accepted a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and set a return appointment. Turns out he is the son of a potential we have been trying to get a hold of, were pretty sure at least because it's the same address. We just so happened to set up that appointment at the same time we are having a priest out with us, they go to the same school so we lucked out. 
   We were able to meet with our family from Nepal this week. The lesson went a little bit better then I thought it was going to go, we were able to at least help them understand that God is our loving Heavenly Father and what prophets are. It took us 45 minutes to explain those two points so this is definitely going to take some work and time to figure out. We had a lesson planned with them on Sunday but they forgot about it. They rescheduled though so we'll see how it goes. 
   We had some pretty good success with less-actives this week. Made contact with some who we have been working with but haven't seen in a bit and with some we haven't been able to contact in a loooong time. So, it was good.
   We had an awesome experience with a less active where he turned super gung-ho. We had a lesson planned with him but he canceled because his back was hurting him, for him that's a good excuse, he was in a car accident. Elder Atkinson felt like going anyways so we did and had a great lesson with him. The member just started reading randomly out of the Book of Mormon and after a few verses told us how he feels like he needs to share the word and do missionary work. He gave us a name of one of his friends and has made a plan for how to introduce him to the Gospel. It was pretty cool.
   I think that's it for now. Elder Atkinson is awesome as always, he's a great hardworking missionary who loves the Lord and the work. I hope that all goes well for everyone during this time of changes. Have fun preparing for school and the end of summer!

  • Elder Eddenfield


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