Monday, August 22, 2016

Staying in St. Charles

Hey everyone!

   This week was pretty good. Once again we didn't see a whole lot in numbers success but we did find a few potentials that we are going to follow up with this week. We helped a member move out of his house and now Jennifer, the other Elders investigator, is moving in. Which means she'll be in our area soonish. We had a lesson with our friends from Nepal and it actually went really well! We taught them about The Saviors Earthly Ministry and they understood that there needed to be 12 Apostles and that Christ was baptized and that it was by the proper power. We talked a lot about baptism with them and a miracle happened while we were reading in 3 Nephi 11. We read verses 21, 33, and 34 and they both tried really hard to read and as we explained what it was saying all of the sudden they understood everything we said, we didn't have to reword anything or try to say it again we stated what we wanted and they said we understand. It was the coolest thing. I don't know if it was that they understood us or that the Spirit told us how to say it in such a way that they would understand, either way it was because we read the Book of Mormon with them. It was definitely a testimony builder to me of the power the Book of Mormon has.
   We also met a lady in the park who was walking around with all of her grandkids playing Pokemon Go. She knew about the church and when we told her that the church was growing she said "that's not good." We asked why and she said that God showed her a vision of our God and it wasn't good. That upset me a little bit so we talked some more and tied everything to Jesus Christ and by the time we were done talking we're pretty sure she understood.
   Transfers are happening because they always happen to me. I can't seem to keep a companion for very long. Elder Atkinson is moving down to Normal, the sister city to Bloomington, and he's excited. I am staying and will be companions with Elder Kloosterboer. He's only been out for a couple months and I'm excited to be with him.
   I know that I just talked about how amazing Joseph Smith is in my last few emails but I have to do it again. There are just so many amazing experiences with him that keeps building my testimony. The cool experience was when someone who was giving a talk read Joseph Smiths first vision and I started to cry a little bit right in the middle of Sacrament Meeting. Not so much that anyone noticed but I did nevertheless. I never feel the spirit as strongly than when it has to do with Joseph Smith. 
   That should be just about it for this week, I see bright things in the future! Pay attention to the miracles in your life and the you'll see the Lords hand daily.

   Have a great week!
      Elder Eddenfield 


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