Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Spirit Is a Wonderful Thing

Hello everyone!

   This week was pretty good. We taught the M* a couple of times and they are still progressing nicely. Ganga really is getting a whole lot out of our visits even with the language barrier. Our Bishop made them a focus of Ward Council and says that he really believes that the Lord wants them baptized, I agree but just don't know when. They talked about getting them all really good fellow-shipper and potentially having members teach them English. Probably one of the best Ward Councils I've been to in this Ward. They really talked about the needs of our investigators and it was really nice. The M* came to church again but only stayed for Sacrament Meeting, it was the Primary Program so it was a wonderful meeting. The other Elders had some investigators there and the Monson's had their friends there as well! It was a great meeting for those wonderful friends that got brought. We found a few new potentials and just need to get some good follow up. 
   We stopped by someone who was marked as a new move in and boy oh boy was that quite an interesting experience.  She left the church and has been offended by many many things in the church and long story short she never learned how to recognize the Spirit so she got offended a bunch. The last straw was the children of same sex married couples policy that came out. She couldn't take it and wouldn't believe that God would hate people enough to do that, we explained that it was actually a policy brought about out of love for the family and a strong desire to not tear them apart by teaching their children beliefs that conflict with the family life. She didn't realize that but shrugged it off. The main thing I learned from this experience is not to judge churches or organizations based off of the actions of people. Many of the things she was telling us were wrong about the church were just mistakes made by individuals and were not actually doctrines or practices. It's really sad but she was very nice, just not willing to come back to the fold of God.
   That's about it for this week. The Spirit is a wonderful thing, as I have focused on following the promptings I receive I have seen Gods hand truly leading me along the path. Keep up the good work and continue to walk in the paths of righteousness. It will bless you.

Have a great week!

- Elder Eddenfield

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