Thursday, October 27, 2016

We Should Go On a Missionary Tour

Warm and then cold seems to be the trend here. It's cold now but it's supposed to get warmer in a few days, oh Illinois. This week was pretty great! 
   I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week but Elder Young, Elder Moore, and I planned to sing in this past Sacrament Meeting. And we did. I'm a little surprised that I actually did it and it went well! When we were practicing it sounded alright but not that great but when it was time for the performance the Spirit took over and helped it to go really well. We got lots of compliments afterwards and a member told us we should go on a missionary tour around the Mission. I don't think President would allow that, but it's a good idea. 
   No one came to church for us because the M* were tired and had friends over but the other Elders had someone come who lives in their old apartment complex. His name is Tashene (like dashing but with a T) or something like that and he is from Iraq. He's a really awesome guy and is super nice. He enjoyed it and hopefully comes again.
   We had quite a cool miracle while serving some members. We were helping the H* move some furniture with the other Elders. They were selling a lot of the stuff we were moving and had someone want to come by to buy something. We just so happened to be there when this man named Mike came to pick something up. He got talking with us and has a cousin who is a member and he is currently thinking of going back to church. He grew up in a Christian church but doesn't want to go back to it. We offered for him to come to the church and he said that is something he would like to do. We got his address and found out he lives in Elgin so we sent his record over the missionaries up there. I love the way God works. There was no reason for us to be there at the same time that man was except for the fact that God made it happen. Man missionary work gives me the chills sometimes.
   The M* are doing fine, progressing still. We are trying to get permission to have Elder Kloosterboers friend from Nepal Skype in for a lesson or two but to no avail yet. We'll keep trying. Stephanie is reading what we give her she just needs to learn how to get answers to her prayers in her way. Vince....haven't heard from him so hopefully we'll catch him this week.
   That's about it for this week. Have a great week everyone! Strive to do your best!

- Elder Eddenfield

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