Monday, February 13, 2017

Different Format of Contacting Than I have Ever Done

Hey everyone!

   Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! There's not much I can say about that considering I don't really do anything special on that day...but I hope you all have a good one anyways!
  Transfers this week were a success. After 5 hours of driving I got to Normal safely and from what I've heard everyone else got to their new areas safely as well. I sure am happy to be back in the Bloomington-Normal area. A little background on Normal. Normal is the home of two colleges, Illinois State University and Heartland University. My area covers the campus and most of the dorms and living quarters for the college kids. As you can probably imagine, it's going to be an interesting transfer. I'm excited though because now I get to work with people around my age who I can relate with.
  This week was a good one with a good bit of success. As usual with my first week in an area we are dropping someone. This time it's because of someone in the house who's making it difficult to meet with the rest of the family. But, it's okay because we actually found two new investigators this week. We stopped by a potential and taught her and her son and then set up an appointment for yesterday. We went to that appointment but didn't stay because the circumstances weren't very conducive to the Spirit so we set up another appointment for today. We followed up on their reading of the Book of Mormon and the son had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we left him and part of the Book of Mormon and said he liked them both! Pretty awesome stuff.
  We did lots of different kinds of contacting this week, a main one was tracting. It's a lot different doing that in a college town because the students are actually really nice to us and a good chunk of the guys let us in for a few minutes and thank us for what we are doing, they usually aren't interested but at least they're nice about it. We also did a different format of contacting than I have ever done on the Mission...we played basketball. I didn't want to because I suck but my companion and the group of guys he walked up to made me. My thoughts of being awful were correct but it was pretty fun and then after a few minutes of playing they asked why were dressed up while paying and so we got to explain why. They invited us back to play with them whenever we are in the area. I've got to say, it was pretty cool. Luckily Elder Thornock is really good at basketball so that makes it nice.
  I think that's about it for this week. Hopefully some fun and excited things happen in this college town. Have a great week everyone! I love you all and know that the Savior lives!

-Elder Eddenfield

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