Monday, February 6, 2017

Peoria Bound!

Hello everyone!

  This past week was pretty great. We weren't able to meet with Sister R this week but hopefully the Elders will be able to this upcoming week. I'm assuming that because of the incident that took place last week she doesn't really want to talk to too many people at the moment so hopefully she'll be fine next week. Other than that pretty much everyone has been dropped at this point. We're very grateful for the new focus on finding new investigators because that's definitely what we need at the moment. I know that God is preparing people both through us and others and through means that we can't see but I truly know that he's doing so. Each of you has a specific role to play in life and as you follow the plan that God has prepared for you, you will truly be able to do his work and find joy in this life and eternity. I know that is true.
  We had a couple cool miracles happen this week. The first one had to do with the teenage girl that referred herself a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned her. We're not able to meet with her this week on the day that we had planned. So we texted her and asked her if there's another time we can meet and she said no. But the cool part was that we texted her and said that it was fine and then told her that if she is ever interested to contact us again and we asked her if she knew of anyone else who might benefit from this message and she texted back saying that she would be interested in coming to church! I truly believe that was God blessing us because after she sent the text saying that she wasn't interested we did weekly planning and set some really great goals for improvement and really committed ourselves to work and then after we finished planning she ended up texting us that she would be interested in coming to church, truly a blessing from God.
  The other cool miracle is that one night we came back and our plans fell through and so we had to find something to do and so we just went out we just started driving around and following the Spirit as to what we should do and were able to stop by a less active house and found out that it was a part-member family. She wasn't home but her husband was and he answered the door and was super nice and super friendly and said we could come back on Monday night to meet her so we will be going there tonight. Hopefully something happens!
  I think that's about it for miracles this week. On another note transfer calls came in I am being transferred to Normal, IL. It seems that I'll be spending the majority of my mission in Rockford and the Bloomington Normal area. I'm really excited because some of the best work that I did was in the Bloomington area so I hope that I will be able to continue to be successful in Normal. My companions name is Elder Thornock and he was trained by Elder Atkinson so I know that he's a great missionary. Elder Barnes is going to stay here and train a brand-new missionary. Tomorrow's going to be very long day because he will be attending the trainers meeting which means we have to drive all the way to Naperville by 9 o'clock which means that we have to be leaving our apartment by 7 o'clock. I know he'll do great though. Back to Bloomington here I come!

Love you all!

-Elder Eddenfield

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