Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

   This week was a good one! It all sort of felt like a blur because it went by so quickly but there were a few things in particular that were awesome. For one, Anqunette is doing great. We had a hard time meeting with her at first but we were finally able to meet with her on Friday and we taught her the Word of Wisdom which she committed to live. It was good that we taught her that because the day before she had gone to a Relief Society activity and at the end they gave her some creamer that they had leftover which she responded to saying that she could put it in her coffee. The member jokingly told her, Oh, the missionaries haven't taught you that yet? Suffice to say Anqunette was a little confused by that comment. We cleared it up though. She gave us her last cigarette and her coffee and is prepared to start living that commandment. We're excited! We also were able to find two new investigators last night. 
   On Saturday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Morton. We did some good work and had a really fun service opportunity in the morning. It was at a food pantry and instead of people coming in a getting their stuff and having to take it out to their car they just come in and get a number and then go get in their car until their number is called and we put it in their car for them. It was really fun. 
   Sunday was fantastic because it was Easter! We had Stake Conference and Elder Carpenter was presiding. I wish we had been able to go to the adult session on Saturday because literally all of the talks were apparently about Missionary Work. We had dinner with the Albrechtsens, Kiblers, and Anderson's. They are all family so we went to the Kiblers house with their three big dogs that I took a picture with and had some good Easter food with them all. Afterwards we went out and worked. We stopped by Tom and Beckie who we taught a month ago and was finally able to set a time to come back and teach them the Plan of Salvation. Easter is so great! I love remembering the new life that comes from Christ and sharing that with others. Hopefully you all had a great Easter where you had the chance to remember Christ and all that he's done for you. I hope you have a great week! I love you all!

-Elder Eddenfield


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