Sunday, April 9, 2017

We Need Him Now As Much As Ever

Hello everyone!
   This week was pretty good! We weren't able to find any new investigators but we did find a few potentials and set up appointments with people for this week. Hopefully all goes well!
   The woman we found last Sunday, Anqunette is awesome! We met with her on both Tuesday and Friday and she is so prepared. Both times she had read from the Book of Mormon and from the Pamphlets we gave her before our visit. When we would also what she remembered and learned from the pamphlets she would give us a basic overview of what we were going to teach. It was awesome. She asks great questions and on our Friday visit she asked what the difference is between the two Priesthoods. It all makes sense to her and she is willing to read and pray and even accepted a date for baptism. She was going to come to conference this morning session but she was having some family problems that made Saturday night rough for her. Proof that Satan opposes this work. We'll get her to church this week for sure. Possibly the most wonderful part about her commitment to watch conference was the members response when we invited her. They took over the invitation and got her number, said they would pick her up, and even said that if her kids got too rowdy they would go to the Nursery with them and watch conference another time. It was awesome. I'm not sure what else to say about this all expect for our God is a God of miracles.
   I had the wonderful privilege to listen to God's servants this past weekend during General Conference. General Conference was fantastic as always. The Spirit was strong and much was learned. I very much enjoyed the talk that was directed towards investigators and learned things myself from the talk through the Spirit. Something the Spirit invited me to do during conference that I am going to do is to focus my studies on the Savior and the example that he set. Not just learning about him but learning how I can become like him in my teaching, finding, and all other aspects of the work. I'm excited to learn. As I learn from their talks and from the Spirit it strengthens my testimony that these men are truly called of God to speak on his behalf. President Thomas S. Monson truly is the Lords chosen servant on the Earth today. He is a Prophet of God and as we listen to his council and guidance we will always and I mean always be blessed. He invited us all to study the Book of Mormon every day to strengthen our testimony of it. I echo his invitation and promise that you will come to know of its truthfulness as you do so and will develop a greater love for the Prince of Peace, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, during these difficult times. We need Him now as much as ever and our testimonies of Him can always use strengthening.
   I am also really enjoying the new Easter initiative, Prince of Peace. When I watch the video the Spirit testifies to me that Jesus is the Christ and I then develop a greater desire to share that testimony. Sharing the video has been good and we even had a woman who believes in science said that it sounded so good that she wanted to watch it. It's amazing what Christ can do to people. Please rely on Him in your life. I can't say it enough but you need to follow him, he is waiting for you to reach out, to feel his love, and to receive the blessings he has in store for you. Please follow him in your lives and find the peace he offers through his endless mercy and grace.
   I love you all and hope to hear and see of your growth through Christ. Have a great week!

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