Sunday, May 21, 2017


(This letter is from May 8, 2017)

Hello everyone!
   This week was pretty good! We talked to a lot of cool people that initially showed some interest but no one has panned out. Yesterday we talked to a super cool guy and we have a lesson with him today, so hopefully he is home and we can teach him. We'll just keep doing our part and hope that they use their agency to follow God. Either way missionary work is fun! Also, this is finals week at school so everyone will be gone next week so Normal is going to be a ghost town. Should be interesting!
   Anqunette is definitely back in the game. We met with her two times this week and without our pushing her she made the decision to quit smoking on Saturday. She said "I smoked my last cigarette and I'm not buying another pack." She awesome! She also came to church again on Sunday and we found it that she most likely will be staying here until June, which means more time for us to teach her. We will probably put her back on a date for baptism this week. We also gave her a blessing to help her overcome this hold that Satan has on her. I truly am blessed to teach her and to know her.
   On a less spiritual note our outside deck caught on fire last night. Elder Berryhill went out there to do something and was out there for a while so I turned the light on to see where he was and left the light on and about half an hour later I smelled something burning and got up to look around and after a few minutes of looking in the apartment I looked out the back door and I saw some orange stuff. Turns out there was a bird nest on the light fixture and long story short we spent the next 3 minutes dumping water on it. It was quite an exhilarating experience. 
   I think that's about all of the excitement for this week. I'm so grateful for the example that each of you set for me and I'm most importantly grateful for Jesus Christ and his perfect example that I have the privilege of emulating. I hope you all have a great week and remember that I love you!
Elder Eddenfield

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