Tuesday, December 13, 2016

First Time Ever Driving in the Snow

Hey everyone!

   This week was pretty good. It went by really fast and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I do know that Saturday was my first time ever driving in the snow, it was pretty fun. We didn't crash so that's good. We taught a few in-actives this week, one of them served a mission and loved it but came back home and got into some anti stuff and it made him lose his testimony. Don't get into anti, it's bad stuff. We also had a couple of lessons with Brett that went fairly well. Right now we just need to help him learn to recognize the Spirit because he does not know how to do that at all. We gave his Member friend, Sister Keller a blessing and the Spirit was really strong and afterwards we asked how he felt during the blessing and he said something along the lines of how he was just glad that it would give her peace thinking it will help. Definitely going to take some time and work. 
   We went on exchanges on Friday through Saturday. I went with Elder Hughes, he's a Spanish Elder. He is also going home this Friday along with one of our Zone Leaders Elder Boulton. They go home a few weeks early so they can be home for Christmas. It was a good exchange and we set up a lesson with some lady that we met, hopefully they get to teach her.  Stake Conference was this weekend and I guess the new Chicago Temple President is related to me somehow through Nanny I think? It was pretty cool. He came up and hugged me out of the blue after the conference and then he explained why. It was pretty cool and he was really excited to meet an Eddenfield out here. I tried to write this in 15 minutes so it's very sporadic but I don't have much time so it'll have to do. Preparation Day next week is on Tuesday because our Christmas party is on Monday. By Tuesday I will most likely be in a trio because our other Zone Leader will be with us. It should be lots of fun. Have a great week everyone!

- Elder Eddenfield

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