Thursday, December 1, 2016

When Dogs Attack

Hey everyone,

   This was probably my most interesting week so far on the mission. If you couldn't tell by the subject title we got attacked by a dog, but more on that later. Sad news, we found out we will not be going to a meeting for new missionaries this Tuesday. I'm sad because that's always the best meeting. President decided that only missionaries on their first transfer need to go to the meeting. Too bad. Thanksgiving was pretty good. I was a little sad for Elder Nelson because it was his first Thanksgiving away from home and no one signed up to have us over. Luckily the Ward had a Thanksgiving dinner at the church for everyone who doesn't have families, I guess that includes us, and so we went. We had some investigators there so it was effective and yummy. They had so much leftover food that they sent us home with a whole tray full. Still living off of that.

   So, the dog story. On Tuesday at around 3ish we were walking down the street to go to a former's house and a man opened his door to walk outside and a dog ran out from behind him right up to me. He yells that the dog is friendly and that we don't need to worry. I let my hand stay down so he could sniff me, which he did, but the next part was exciting. He then proceeded to growl and have his eyes turned black and then...he bit on to my arm! That scared me a little bit so I kicked him a couple times and the owner ran over and tried to catch him, which took about five minutes of us running around in circles while the dog tried to kill us. Eventually he got the dog and threw him inside. He asked to see if it was bad so I flashed it at him quickly and then we proceeded to contact this man. He felt really sorry for what happened and I made sure he understood that it was fine. We invited him to church and he said he wouldn't be able to yesterday but hopefully he comes to church this Sunday! So, we walked away after that and I really got to look at it and realized that it was a pretty good bite. We called President Griffin and he said that the mission nurse would most likely have me go to the ER. So, that's where we went and stayed for almost 4 hours. It was fun. The bite wasn't too bad but they had me get some antibiotics just in case. The plus side is that the dog had its rabies shots so I'm good. Quite the fun day.

   Not much else exciting happened except for Noreen dropped us, we dropped a few other people, and we had another set of dogs chase us a few days later. I'm afraid to admit that I am pretty scared of dogs now. We had a dinner and they had a dog and I couldn't keep my eyes shut during the prayer because I had to watch it. It'll pass, I hope. 

   Well, that's pretty much it for this week. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! In preparation for Christmas I invite everyone to go to and watch the new Christmas video. It's pretty sweet and I'm excited to use this new initiative.

Have a great week!

- Elder Eddenfield

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