Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nov 21 Letter. Oops! I'm a Bad Missionary Mom

Well, it feels good to be back in Rockford. Sadly as we've been going out and about I've realized there is not much ghetto in our area. Oh well, it'll still be good. Also, it's cold. Pulling the winter clothes out is nice. To start Elder Nelson is great! He has a real love for the people here and wants to show it in everything that he does. That's a really good quality that I hope rubs off on me during my time with him. We have a good number of investigators already who have some good potential.
   Walter is on date but I haven't met him yet, hopefully this week. Brandy has been investigating for years and years but has to work through some issues before she can be baptized. Noreen was just referred to us about two weeks ago and has some really good potential but due to some issues is now having some difficulty with the church. Stay updated. Brett is a friend of a members and has a lot of questions and concerns about the church but he has been coming to church for the past few weeks. 
   A funny story. We got a referral as I got to the area so we called her and asked if we could coke by that night. She said it would be fine so we showed up, gave her the Bible she requested, and got to talking. As we were explaining the Book of Mormon to her she interrupted us and told us that she doesn't think there would be another book of scripture and that she would be asking her pastor about it. So, we told her that her pastor would most likely tell her not to read it. She thought it was odd that we would tell her that but we always have reasons for doing things. We then explained shouldn't ask her pastor because he can be influenced by the devil but that she should ask God, the source of all knowledge, if she should read it. She decided to follow the latter path and said that she would still ask her pastor but would still read it on her own. When we go back to follow up we are going to give her a copy to give her pastor. It feels good to be bold.
   Have a great week and stay fresh!

- Elder Eddenfield

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