Monday, January 4, 2016


Hello friends and family!
This last week was amazing!
On Tuesday we went on an exchange with Elder Giollitto and found two new investigators from tracting.  The exchange was pretty cool, Elder Giolitto is the Elder from Italy and he made us super good pasta for lunch, generic I know. When we switched back we did so at the other Elders apartment and Elder Williford, Elder Pierre and I all slipped on the same patch of ice, it might be the funniest thing ever.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and the. Had a lesson planned but it fell through. After that lesson we had another lesson with a guy named David. He is so awesome and he has a real desire to learn. We taught him about the restoration and invited him to church. Afterwards we went over to the Ward Mission Leaders house and shoveled his yard, my first time shoveling snow! It was actually easier than everyone made it sound, maybe because we were using steel shovels? I don't know enough about this whole winter thing yet to decide.

Thursday was....New Years Eve! We had to be in our apartments by 4 so that we didn't get into any trouble with drunk drivers or anything. We got permission to go to a dinner appointment we had with the Passmores. They are a young couple who just recently got married and they are vegan so I got to try some new food. They made lentil meatloaf (without the meat) and it actually wasn't that bad! They are super awesome and kind of nerdy, so we got along pretty well.

On Friday we did a mini exchange where Elder Royce went with Elder Williford to a lesson and I called Referrals with Elder Johnson. We called one lady who told us that she was moving to Rockford the next day and that she would love some help, so the rest of that hour was us scrambling to find some people to come help. We decided to ask the Elders Quorum President if he could try to coordinate something which took the stress off of our backs. Afterwards we weekly planned until we had dinner with the De Coto's, it was a pizza place and it was super good! I have pics of it. On the way back from the dinner we almost got hit at full speed by someone who was texting and blew through a red light. I was on the side that he would have hit and he would have plowed right into me and Elder Johnson and miraculously we avoided the whole situation, we both would most likely have been injured if he hit us. It truly shows that the Lords protects his Missionaries. Afterwards he honked at us and flipped us off...classic.

Saturday was literally all service all day, we helped the lady move into her knew home from 12:30-2 and then from 6-7:30 in between we went to the Houser's again and helped clear more of the trees from their yard. It was freaking cold out there but it was pretty fun. The lady we helped move isn't a member, yet. After the move she asked us where the church was and what time services started, she told us that she couldn't come the first Sunday because she would she trying to unpack but that she would try to come really soon. She came from Byron and had gone to church a couple times there and was being taught by the Sisters in the area.

On Sunday we had three people at church! Shannon, who has been coming to church for months but can't get baptized for a good reason, and David and his brother came! David seemed to enjoy church, he was actually listening to the teachers and people bearing their testimonies, while his Brother Edvan is younger so it was probably a little boring for him, but it sounds like he enjoyed Deacons. We have an appointment with David tomorrow so I'm excited to see him progress.
After church we had a short stop by with Sekagesh. He didn't have a lot of time to meet so we just asked how his reading was going and he has actually been reading! He is definitely feel something because when we told him we were going to make it short so he could leave he seemed a little disappointed and when we showed up he had his Bible and Book of Mormon all ready to go, he also had some questions prepared. I'm really excited to keep teaching him.

I'm really excited for this next week, I have a lot of goals for the week and I can't wait to accomplish them!

Love you all!
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 I found Bigfoot...
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