Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Chill!

Hey there people!

Last week was actually not super eventful and kind of humbling. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Beloit Elders, Beloit's in Wisconsin by the way, that's the only part of the Mission that isn't in Illinois. They both came down here for exchanges to help us clear out some of our teaching pool. I went with Elder Hinckley, who happened to come out with me, he's awesome and very diligent. We ended up clearing out a few people but enough to make it easy on ourselves.
Right now we have about 50 potentials And a good example of an AreaBook is maybe 5 potentials? We have a lot of work to do if we want to clear them out and that is going to be the main focus this week and every week until we can clear it out.
On Wednesday we had District meeting, it was pretty good. We talked about developing Christlike attributes, specifically faith and hope.
It made me think about myself and what I need to do if I want to show those attributes. After District meeting we had a lesson with Anna where we taught her about, faith, repentance, baptism, and we also kind of got into the priesthood with her. Our plan was to teach her the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ but she talks a lot and asks good questions that don't necessarily pertain to what we're teaching, but they're always gospel related so it works out.
On Thursday we had a meeting with Bishop on Missionary work in the Ward and we met with him at 7am...luckily we woke up on time to make it. The meeting was actually pretty productive and we got to find out what he expects of us and what he wants us to do, we also received a few visiting assignments from him which is always nice because it means that we don't have to go searching for people, it's nice when they're just given to you. And yes, that means I'm lazy...sort of.
Later on in the day we visited a less-active recent convert (try saying that three times fast) who seems to have a pretty good testimony but we'll have to keep meeting with them to see how effective it will be to teach them. At some point on Thursday the North Elders came to the church to work on a baptismal program and couldn't figure out for the life of them how to do it, so mister tech wiz Eddenfield over here stepped in and helped, or in other words, pretty much made the whole program for them. You're welcome North Elders.
On Friday we did weekly planning with some finding in between.
(Shortest paragraph?)
On Saturday we did service at the Houser's again and I've got to say, I'm getting pretty good with that little hatchet. I really like this whole cutting down tree's thing, it's making me revaluate my life and consider becoming a lumberjack. Afterwards we took showers because we were nasty, and then headed to the church to set up for a baptism that the North Elders were hosting. We were supposed to have a dinner but they were sick and we were supposed to meet with David but he got called into work, so nothing really cool happened up until the baptism of John. It started at 7 and the Baptismal Programs were on point
(obviously.) The whole event went really well and the baptism was great, Joh had a huge smile on his face the whole evening. The speakers did a wonderful job and the snacks were great too. It made me really happy seeing someone make that first step towards eternal life, I'm proud of John.
On Sunday we had church (shocker) John was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and once again had a huge smile on his face. Because it was below zero outside we weren't allowed to really go out and do anything so we stayed in and studied and then cleaned the apartment a bit. We also had diner with the Passmore's again and they fed us chili and it was freaking good, they are super awesome, I will definitely miss them whenever I leave.

Transfers are on Tuesday and Elder Williford and I are staying together for another transfer, that's a first for me. I'm excited because now that we had a transfer to get to know each other and see what we need to change it gives us another transfer to fix those things and do better. Elder Johnson and Elder Royce are also staying so the whole crew will be together another month and a half. I'm happy about that too.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
-Elder Eddenfield

Choose the Right

 I failed with pictures this week...I'm sorry. I figured selfies were better than nothing.

 Windchill -18 degrees, Brrrrrr!!!

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