Monday, January 11, 2016

It's getting cold!

Hello all! It is cold! Right now it's -4 with windchill and apparently it's not even that cold to the that I got that out of the way.

On Monday we did normal preparation day things such as shopping and hanging out. After P-Day we had dinner at a members home and they fed us this super good beef teriyaki stuff and then Pumpkin Rolls for desert, it was super good! On Tuesday we had a golden lesson with a woman named Anna that referred herself. We taught the Restoration and she said that everything we said made sense. She has been looking for the true church because she knows there is only one and she may not realize it yet but she's found what she's looking for. She then asked us if we could meet the next day but that fell through. The next day we went on exchanges with Elder Umphress and McClawsky. I went to their area with Elder Umphress and tracted the whole day, we found them one potential investigator and got invited into the home of a Jehovah's Witness where she proceeded to try and teach/convert us. I was very surprised with myself, I didn't really bash or argue with her at all, even though I realllllly wanted to. Afterwards we had dinner at a members home, they are both huge history buffs so while we were there I just let them throw history stuff at me and soaked it all in.
The other Elders had a lesson with David and apparently it went SUPER well! On Thursday we had Zone Training where we got to learn about the new Mission focus which is Perfect Evenings. That morning at 7 I barely nipped my lip and when the conference started at 8:30 it was still bleeding so Elder Williford and I left for a little bit to get it resolved. Eventually we gave up and I just held a paper towel up to it and it eventually stopped 10. Three whole hours...I'm pretty sure I set some sort of world record. After the conference we ended up having a lesson with Anna and that one also went super well, she still understood and agreed with everything we told her. On Friday we helped the Roby's clean the church building and then did weekly planning. On Saturday we did service for the Houser's again but this time we got to use a chainsaw. Well, I didn't because I don't trust myself, I already had some close calls with the machete. Afterwards we finished up weekly planning and did some finding. On Sunday we had church but started out the day with Ward Council and it was actually on point. Anna ended up coming to church and she loved it! After church we had a lesson with her and she took it all really well and during the lesson her friend called her and Anna started telling her all about church and how she needed to come next week and explained that we are Christians, she's already doing Missionary work! I am so excited to be teaching her. After her lesson we had a lesson with Sekagesh again. That is the last lesson we will be having with him because he won't pray about the Book of Mormon...he reads it, but won't pray. I just hope that at some point he decides to pray about it. During that lesson I received the strongest inspiration I've ever received, it kind of humbled me a little bit because I want to receive inspiration like that more often and want to be able to listen to the spirit with a humbler attitude. After that lesson we had dinner at Sister Binene's home. She fed us couscous and some sort of chicken with broth thing that was super good.
That was my week and I'm seeing blessings from the Lord every single day. Stay strong and do all that you can to draw closer to your Heavenly Father. Until next week!

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