Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 28

Hello everyone!
This past week was pretty good!
Some exciting things that happened that we had dinner with the Black's again. They really like the outdoors and going sight seeing and stuff and it was kind of making me miss that sort of stuff. Next transfer I might try and get us to go hike a national park that's in the area, it would be pretty fun. We taught a good number of lessons this past week and they all went pretty well. We are teaching someone named Karvis, he's a little interesting but he definitely has a lot of potential! He is progressing and even came to church on Sunday and said that he wants to come forever. I'm pretty excited to see him progress. The sad thing is that he's YSA age so we are giving him to the other Elders, the same ones we gave Anna to. Yet again though, I don't care who teaches him. As long as he gets converted I'm happy. All we were able to teach him was about Gods plan of Salvation for us all. It wrung true to him and he really liked everything that we said. Especially about the three kingdoms of glory. (By the way. If you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about and want it explained in further detail, email me and I'll explain it.) He's going to get baptized soon, I can feel it. Something else that happened was a recent convert named Lakisha had us over for dinner twice last week. She makes almost no money and feeds us more than almost anyone else. I know she'll be blessed, in fact she's receiving them now! She just got a job that lets her come to church and she is super happy. She's going to be going to the Temple for the first time in a few weeks to do baptisms for the dead. I am super excited for her, it's going to be a great experience. We also went to the Houser's for service again. She fed us venison spaghetti and it actually wasn't bad! It was definitely different though. Something that we're really trying to work on right now is working with the members and doing Home Teaching with them to build their trust. So far it's going fairly well but it should be getting better soon.
That's all for this week! Thanks for all you do and keep working hard, blessings will come!

-Elder Eddenfield

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