Saturday, February 20, 2016


Hello Everyone!
This past week was pretty decent. We had a lot of lessons planned but literally every single lesson canceled, so that wasn't super fun. But such is the Mission life. Herbert came to church on Sunday and he said he really liked it. The members were really awesome to him, so many of them actually had real conversations with him and got to know him better. That definitely helped him. We have an appointment with him on Tuesday and we're going to commit him to a date for Baptism. He has already committed to baptism but now he'll have a date to shoot for.
We know he'll say yes and we're super excited to keep teaching him. On Friday during service with the Houser's I actually used the chain saw, take that nature! We had dinner with Lakisha on Saturday because it was Elder Royces Birthday. She always makes really good food and she is super cool. We also had dinner with the Passmores last night and they fed us fiesta lasagna. It's basically Mexican lasagna, it has tortilla chips instead of pasta and stuff like that. It was pretty good and they also actually made desert. They said that they hate making desert because it's like an expected thing. But because it was Valentine's Day they made it anyways. Our dinner with them started late because it was dumping buckets of snow so the roads were awful.
It was fun though! These next few weeks it's going to start getting pretty warm so I'm saying bye bye to the snow. About time! I got really lucky with this winter, it has been really mild. That's pretty much all for his week.

Love you all!

Choose the Right.

I forgot to take pictures this least there's one?

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