Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 27

Hey all!

This last week was pretty good.
We met with Anna a couple times but we had to give her up to the Zone Leaders this last week...I'm going to miss teaching her but I know that she'll accept the Gospel no matter who teaches her. I've never gotten so far in the lessons with anyone but her so she gave me some good experience teaching things I've never taught before.
We had a good number of lessons fall through this week but we got return appointments for almost all of them so that's a plus! On Thursday there was a training for the leaders so Elder Williford and another Elder went and I got to spend the day with Elder Hale. We found two new investigators that day and they both seem really solid.
We also did something which I've never tried before, we pulled up next to people walking and talked to them. It was interesting but we ended up talking to 13 people that way, it was pretty cool. Since it was our car I actually got to drive again! Woot woot, I didn't suck too bad after not driving for like a month and a half. Those Elders had a dinner that night so I got fed by a Hispanic family and it was super good! It was interesting not really being able to understand everything but luckily they could speak a little English and they could pretty much understand me.
On Saturday we took Brother Spencer out with us for about an hour and found out some info about a less active and found a new investigator and ended up seeing an investigator that we hadn't been able to meet with yet, we should be meeting with her this week though. On Sunday we taught second and third hour. Second hour was the combined youth and the North Elders led that one, I think it went pretty well. Third hour was led by us and we talked about faith and how we need faith to find people. We only got 25 to teach because Bishop talked for a while, but the lesson still went fairly well. After church we went to Bishops house for dinner. We had ham and other stuff and it was super good!
Their family is super fun and their kids know the Gospel really well.
That's pretty much everything exciting that happened this last week. I really am gaining a sound understanding of faith and how to develop it. I've taught a lot of lessons on faith. I think the Lord is trying to tell me something...I'll figure it out eventually.
Love you all! Have a great week.
-Elder Eddenfield

Choose the Right

Bishop sent us a picture of us teaching his family, he sent it in the middle of the lesson. It was pretty funny.

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