Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Spring?

Happy Spring?! It says it's supposed to snow next week so they might say it's spring but I think not. At least it's getting warmer.
Something cool that happened this week was that we went tracting for a bit. To be completely honest I haven't really done any tracting these last few months...which is sort of a good thing but at the same time really isn't. We usually wouldn't do it because we justified doing other things but we decided to just do it yesterday and it was awesome! No one was interested in hearing about the gospel (shame on
them) but everyone was really nice and we even found an inactive member who was really nice and had been active until a few months ago, he really didn't want us to come back and see how he was doing but he talked to us for like 15 minutes on his door step. He was a really nice guy that doesn't know what he needs, but that's alright.

Herbert's doing pretty well, we had an interesting lesson with him where we pretty much just asked questions to find his question of the soul. And we actually found it! It was a pretty cool lesson style that we will probably try more. We aren't sure how Chad is doing though.
The Elders had a lesson with him while we were on exchanges and they said that he told them that he knew the Book of Mormon was true and that the only thing he is worried about is telling his Mom, who is a devout Lutheran. He said he was going to tell her soon and that it didn't matter what she said because he loves what is happening. But we haven't been able to contact him since then and he didn't come to we are hoping that his phone is broken and it's not what we think. Either way, he has his agency so there isn't much else we can do. We're just going to show up to his lesson on Tuesday and hope he's home. I have faith it will all work out though.
That's pretty much everything exciting that happened this week!  Let me know how your Easter goes. Don't forget about Christ and his Atonement this week, that is what we are really celebrating after all.
It's not about the eggs and candy. It's about a loving Savior who suffered and died for our sins, for my sins. Please remember him this week.

Love you all!
-Elder Eddenfield

P.S. Check out follow for some sweet ways to remember our Savior! Also, there's a cool video.

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