Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 32! New Companion

Hey everyone!

This last week was fantastic! Transfers were on Tuesday and my new companion is Elder Maynard and he is awesome! It started snowing right before exchanges happened so it was freezing cold while we were trying to move everything around. After we exchanged we ate at a Chinese Buffett and some guy knew about the church because he is a big wig in Scouts and he didn't care about our message but he did end up paying for our lunch, so that was nice. The next day we had a lesson with someone and while we were teaching her, her boyfriend walked up and told her to come into the house and told us not to come back. So, he's a jerk basically. We met with Cecilia and Herbert a couple times last week and the lessons were really good, one of them was taught really well, the spirit was definitely present during that lesson.
On Thursday we had dinner with the Elders Quorum President and his family, we had a really nice meal and shared a wonderful message. Afterwards his wife asked us if we could come back next week (this week) for dinner because she wanted to invite someone who is not yet a member and introduce us, so we should be doing back over this Thursday. It's pretty exciting!
On Saturday we went out with a member for about 4 hours straight we actually saw quite a bit of success with him. We possibly will be getting a potential investigator from someplace we went and we set up a few lesson for this week, so our week is already pretty full. It looks like it's going to be a good week and if not then I'm doing something wrong.
This week my testimony of members and missionaries working together has grown. I've seen the success that comes from working with them. Elder Maynard and I can't really do much alone, we need the members.
So, if you aren't helping the missionaries. Do it! They really can't do much without you, we need the members of this church to help us. I love you all and I hope everyone keeps pushing forward with unflinching faith.
Have a great week everyone!

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