Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 33

Hello All!
 This week was awesome! We had a good number of lessons and we got a new investigator who isn't necessarily super interested yet, but we'll try to change that. She does have an interesting referral for us...someone who actually referred herself a few months ago but we were unable to contact her, so we might actually be able to contact this referral because we found her friend. The Lord definitely works in mysterious but amazing ways.
 We had a lesson with our Elders Quorum President last week and afterwards he gave us some pointers on how to become better teachers and finders. He told us about a period of time towards the end of his mission where he was having 15-30 minute lessons and running from lesson to lesson because they were teaching so much. He told us it all comes down to using questions of the soul, if you can show them the "hole in their heart" as he put it, you can help them see that this gospel can fill it. The way he did it in his mission is by asking people soul searching questions, underlining a verse that answers it, inviting them to read the chapter and find the answer, and then tell them that you'll stop by tomorrow to see what they found. He said that it caused people to see that the Book of Mormon actually answers their questions and that they can find them on their own, verses us telling them the answer. He explained it a lot better than I could but the spirit was so strong when he was telling us this. We already tried using it on Saturday and it worked really well.
 We were walking down the street and we saw a lady and a man talking in a garage. We talked to them, listened to what they were saying, or what she was saying (she talks a lot), and the Holy Ghost made it known into us that one of her questions was why God lets bad things happen. We asked her if she had ever wondered that before and she told us she had so we invited her to read the section about agency in the Plan of Salvation pamphlet, she gladly accepted and we stopped by the next day to see what happened. We stopped by and she was happy to see us, but she had just received a call that her Brother is dying in Arizona so she couldn't meet because she was getting ready to fly out there. We then found another question that she wanted answered which was what happens after we die, we shared Alma 40 with her and explained what it would tell her, she again gladly accepted and even bent the page down because she didn't want to forget where it was. As we were leaving she told us that we needed to meet when she got back.
So from a little experience, it seems like this new thing is going to work really well.
 These are just some of the blessings that have been seen this week.
The last one I want to share is that after Zone Training Elder Maynard and I completely changed the music we are listening to, we had already cut out a lot of things but now we cut out almost everything we have been listening to. No room for disobedience!
 That's pretty much everything exciting that happened this week. I hope everyone has a great week because I know I will. If anyone needs something to read this week, here's a suggestion: Mosiah 26 in the Book of Mormon. It applies really well to what's happening in our day and age.
Love you all!
-Elder Eddenfield

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