Monday, April 11, 2016

Herbert was Baptized!

Hello all!
Herbert was baptized on Saturday and confirmed a member of The Church yesterday. It was pretty awesome to be a part of this chapter of his life and I truly am blessed to have been able to testify to him of the truthfulness of this gospel and help pave the pathway for the Holy Ghost to touch his heart. Teaching him was fun and stressful, preparing for the baptism was super stressful, and seeing him baptized made it all well worth it. Now for the part that scared me at first....helping him stay active and converted. People that get baptized here have a hard time staying active it seems, almost everyone that has been baptized in the past year is inactive to the point that we can't even make contact. So I'm really praying that Herbert won't turn out the same. He gave me some hope on Sunday though. We forgot to tell him that he had a ride to church (our fault) and he actually reached out to a member on his own! That definitely eased a lot of stress seeing that he tried to get to church. The Ward is also on top of trying to keep him active. During Ward Council they talked about getting his neck size so they can get him a white shirt, he already has a home teaching companion and is going this Tuesday, and they already have an assignment for him. They're on fire!
The rest of our week was pretty much just trying to contact a lot of people and contacting referrals. It was a pretty good week overall, hoping to make next week better!
Another awesome baptism happened as well! Justin, the YSA's investigator who has been investigating for a looooong time got baptized as well! He's been waiting a long time for this and you can just tell how happy he is! Elder Maynard interviewed him on Tuesday and it was at his house so I had to stand outside while it was happening and it started pouring that was fun, luckily another YSA was there so we got drenched together.
This week is the last week of this transfer and I can definitely say that this transfer has flown by. And it was the longest transfer I'll ever have and it feels the shortest. That's a good sign!
I've been studying a lot about charity and love lately and some revelation came to me during the sacrament and I think it can apply to everyone. Try to say I love you, I appreciate you, and thank you more this week. I've already started to and in one day I feel happier and I'm already thinking less negatively about others, it's pretty awesome!

Have a great week everyone!

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