Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 36

This last week was pretty good!
We met with Herbert a couple times and he had his interview on Thursday and he passed! This means that if everything goes smoothly he will be baptized on April 9th. He's really excited for his baptism and trying hard to prepare for it. Planning for a baptism is super stressful, especially considering that we haven't had Ward Council in
4 weeks and haven't had a missionary coordination meeting since he passed...so we're kind of doing all of the planning and neither of us have ever planned for a baptism before so we're just going for it. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.
We met with an investigator named Emmy for the second time and she told the member that took her home that she feels good when she meets with us (that's the spirit!) But, we found out where she lives and she lives in a different Ward so we are going to be giving her to another set of Elders. We hope she understands what's going on, but if not, she'll figure it out.
Shannon came to General Conference and she brought her Boyfriend again and he really enjoyed it. Hopefully we should be teaching him shortly.
And once he does we can hopefully help them both get to baptism and then being sealed for all time and eternity. We're pretty excited that we are here to witness the miracle that is happening in Shannon's life.
Chad is....well, we aren't entirely sure what's going on. He won't respond to our texts so we're planning on just stopping by at the time we normally meet with him and hope and pray he's home and will be willing to meet with us. There is probably a smorgasbord of things that caused him to start doing this but we hope we can address his concerns sooner than later.
Now on to the best part of the week, General Conference! It was fantastic as always but I got a whole lot more out of this one than usual. My favorite talk was probably Elder Hollands at the close of the conference. There are many reasons why and they all came from the spirit. When he said that as we listen to the spirit someone will answer our questions I believed him. Because it happened to me and it can happen to everyone. That's one of great things about the Spirit, as long as we are worthy and are seeking the spirit we will always be able to do feel what we need.
On a side note, we didn't get to watch the priesthood session because Bishop got a call to go give someone a blessing and he brought us.
Turns out the person that needed a blessing was a 14 month old baby that was having seizures. I have never seen people so distraught before, it made me truly thankful that I have a knowledge of a wonderful life after death and that I know what I need to do to have eternal life. These people didn't and I feel so bad for people who don't know....luckily I was able to help comfort the baby's grandmother by teaching her a little about the atonement. But it's still sad. I do think the baby will be fine though, during the blessing peace came over me and Elder Maynard said he felt the same thing. Luckily we know that even if the baby were to die she would be saved because of her age. I am so grateful for this Gospel and I know that if you accept AND live it you can live with God again and find pure joy.

Love you all and have a great week!
-Elder Eddenfield
Choose the Right

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