Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Flying Shark?

Hello everyone!

   This week was pretty good. We are really struggling to work with a lot of our members because so many people are going to be out of town until the mid of July, but we're trying to figure it out bit by bit. Our Ward Mission Leader proposed having Ward Council members present at our MCM's and they seemed all for it so we will start having at least one auxiliary present at each MCM. It's definitely progress. 
   We had a couple lesson with the Fike's this week. We ended up dropping them yesterday (on Sunday) and it was pretty sad. It's for their own good though and he actually agreed that it was probably better that we stopped coming over as much because he recognized that we weren't making progress with him. 
   It seems that almost everyone here refuses to ask specific questions in their prayers, they just won't do it no matter what we teach or how much we testify. For example, everyone is asking for God to lead them towards truth but won't ask if the Book of Mormon is true. Its very interesting but there's not much we can do about it. We just have to find the elect!
   Also, Sandy dropped us over the phone this week. She said that we were very nice but that she was comfortable where she was. It seems like everyone is comfortable where they're at here. We're just trying to help them see that they can be happier with the truth. They just don't want to accept it and it's pretty sad. The important part is that we are trying, regardless of the results.
   Because of these drops we're down to very few people to teach. Luckily as we have seen in the past, as we go along with Gods plan of dropping people he will always help is find someone in return. I have faith he will do this once again as the same day we dropped Sandy we found another investigator named Rick. 
   Rick isn't necessarily able to meet right now but he is very humble and seeking the truth. He said he would read and pray so we are following up with him today to see how it went. We pretty much taught him a lesson over the phone, so that was cool. That might just be how we can work with him for a while. 
   I also went on exchanges with Elder Pace this week and had a blast! Learned some Spanish lingo and had an authentic Mexican dinner. It was basically Mexican ribs in salsa verde with some weird spinach like plant, it was super good. Sadly Elder Pace told me to say something that meant "I would like more" instead if "I don't need anymore" so I got pretty full that night. It was definitely a fun exchange working with Spanish people. I learned a lot about making conversations with people more casual. I already try to do that but I got some good ideas to try out to make it better.
   I think that's all for this week.We are truly seeing miracles everyday as we strive to become better. I'm grateful that I am serving here right now with Elder Jepsen as I know that this is the Lord's will for me. 
   I hope you all have a great week full of miracles. Never cease to notice those miracles that happen each and every day, for the Lord is truly blessing each and every one of you. 

Love you all,
- Elder Eddenfield

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A flying shark?

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