Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shipped Off to Saint Charles!

Hello everyone!

 This week was pretty good. We taught a couple lessons. We had one with Pavan, Sue, Greg Alberts, and Rick. Most of them we had a member present for except for Rick. The reason that was is actually a pretty cool story. Due to how things worked out earlier in the day our plans got kind of messed up so we just followed the spirit on knowing what to do and we felt like stopping by a less-active, they weren't home but happened to be right next to Ricks house. So we "just walked by"
and his wife was outside and started talking to us, we started to teach her a lesson and Rick came out and was fine with us being there so we taught him as well. Considering that he didn't want us to teach him at his house and the spirit led us there and he ended up being fine with it, it was pretty awesome. We also went to one of our outer lying cities called El Paso to see if anything cool would happen. We actually were able to set up two appointments for next Saturday and we already have someone to take us out there so we are excited for that.
 Elder Jepsen and I have been working a lot on following spirit more and we have seen good results. As we've followed the spirit more on planning for lessons we've felt the spirit more as we teach and we have seen better acceptance of what we teach, it's pretty cool.
 We also had Zone Training and learned a lot about planning and how our desires are really our choice. When I don't have a great desire to do something. For example, talk to that person over there, it makes me think more about why I don't want to do that. If I truly love my Father in Heaven then I will desire to do His will, and His will is to talk to that person. I very much enjoyed that training.
 We also went to someplace called Blaze Pizza and had a coupon for a free pizza but we just so happened to be in front of a member in the other Ward and he bought us both a pizza so that was awesome! The Lord truly provides for his servants.
 So, transfers are here and I am being shipped off to Saint Charles.
It's a suburb of Chicago. My companions name is Elder Atkinson and I am going to be serving him in any way that I can. This is his second transfer out so I will be finishing his training. I'm definitely a little stressed and not really sure what I'm doing but I trust that President Griffin receives revelation from the Lord and know the Lord places me where I need to be. No matter how inadequate I may feel I know the Lord will carry me once I do all in my power to help him. He hasn't been out very long so it's going to put a little more stress on my shoulders. Hopefully he's already got everything down so I don't have to worry about stuff so much. It should be fun though!
 I hope each of you strive to do your best this week. As we keep the commandments and use the Atonement and saving Grace of Jesus Christ we can take our shortcomings and turn them into strengths. Fear and doubt may and will come but as we do this I know that God will help us with whatever trial come before us. My question to each of you to think about is: How can I use Christ's Atonement more fully this week?
Please ponder and pray about this question. It is one that I have taken much thought about and have felt a pure sense of peace come as I have applied the things that I have learned. I love you all and pray for you every day!

Have a great week!
-Elder Cody Eddenfield

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