Friday, September 2, 2016

His Church Is the Reason I...Have So Much Peace In My Life

Hello everyone!

  This week was pretty good, as always. We focused a lot on less-actives and had planned to teach quite a few lessons with them but they all fell through. That's how the work goes sometimes, well, a lot of the time. Luckily the Lord blessed us with success in another way. There is a less-active family that lives right next to us and we were walking home one night and they were outside and invited us to stay for dinner. They had a non-member friend over who they have been working with for a while and we were able to teach her. The lesson was all over the place because she had lots of questions but it went well.
We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and baptism and really everything. She says that she has been praying for help but feels that God isn't answering her prayers. Luckily we know that God answers prayers through people a lot of time and so we invited her to ask if the message that we share is the answer God is trying to give her. She happily said yes and now the important part is that she actually does it and recognizes the Spirit. She lives in the other Elders area but that's alright. This isn't a fight against areas it's a fight against sin and whether it's in our area or not we're winning.
   We taught the Mongers again and had an awesome member there with us. We read Moroni 10:3-5 with them and taught them about prayer and the Holy Ghost. When we asked if they knew who the Holy Ghost was they said in more broken English, isn't he the one that comes into you and you fall over? We got a good little laugh out of that and explained that those things are rare and that when He enters our being we usually just feel good feelings. They get it a little bit better now.
Can I just say how wonderful members who are not full time missionaries are? I'll do it anyways. The lessons with the Mongers always have language barriers and they only understand us half of the time but in this last lesson the member bore testimony didn't use super simple language and afterwards the Monger family pretty much understood what he was saying. We can't do that, we don't have that power, we don't convert it's the spirit and who brings the Spirit?
Members, and it's awesome.
  Oh! Elder Kloosterboer (like close the door) is pretty cool. He lived in Holland from birth to 6, England from 6-12, and Colorado from 12-now. He has a pretty cool accent as well.
  This morning I was reading in Mosiah Chapter 3 in preparation for a lesson we have tonight and when I read verse 17 it made me stop and think about my personal relationship with my Savior. Do I really believe that salvation is only made possible through Him? Do I really believe that he suffered all things for me? As I pondered on this a peaceful reassurance came over me and I told myself yes, I truly do believe that, from the bottom of my heart. This church, His church is the reason I believe this and have so much peace in life. If I don't get anything else from my Mission I'm grateful I finally realized how true all of this is.

I hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Eddenfield

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