Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hello everyone!

   This week was pretty good. First week of the new transfer!
   It was pretty chilly this week, wore a sweater for the first time since last winter. I'm super excited for winter...sort of. I thought I was until it got a little colder and then I remembered how winter goes. It's good though, makes me stronger.
   We had a couple of lessons with the M*'s that went pretty well. Same old same old. Ganga's English is getting much better though and she takes opportunities to teach her children during our lessons. Krish came to Stake Conference and was bored out of his mind, luckily that got him to read a couple of pamphlets. Hahaha, we're just glad he came.
   We had Stake Conference and that was really good. We were going to have Stephanie come to the Saturday adult session but she was unable to come because the babysitter took forever to show up. She was going to come though. The Conference felt very short and it has been weird not having normal church for two weeks that also means not partaking of the Sacrament for two weeks which feels weird. Luckily we have been missing out for good stuff so it's all good. 
   I'm not really entirely sure what else happened his week to be honest. I know we saw a skunk run across the street right in front of us that was cute.
   Oh yeah! If we look back to Bloomington I taught a man named Greg who WAS a part member family. Cool story, he got baptized on Saturday. He invited me to his baptism so we called President to see if we could go and he left it up to us. I felt it would be best to stay in our area and work so we stayed, but I was able to Skype on afterwards to congratulate him. He is a changed man, all it took was for him to finally pray about the Book of Mormon, which he finally did a few weeks ago and he immediately knew it was true. We tried so hard to get him to really do that while I was there but I'm glad he finally did it. The gospel truly can change people and make them better, Brother A*'s is a fine example of that. I know it to be true.
   I think that's about it for now. I'll talk to you all next week! Make it a great one!

Love ya,

- Elder Eddenfield

  He wanted it to be clear that he did not take this selfie.

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