Monday, January 23, 2017

I Feel His Presence Around Me

Hello everyone!
  This week was pretty good. Brett dropped us this week. I was on exchanges with a new Missionary at the time and I'm sure it was quite the interesting experience for him. Brett brought up a whole bunch of excuses as to why he didn't want to meet, some being that he doesn't feel welcome, he disagrees with the doctrine of the Spirit World, and some other doctrinal things. We knew this was coming but it was a pretty hard drop. He was pretty upset so it was a really good learning experience. We received a referral a few weeks ago and we're finally able to set up an appointment with her so she is now a new investigator. Something I've noticed since last year is that investigators seem to be found more and more through referrals, whether it be from headquarters, members, or reassignment from other missionaries. It's very seldom specifically from our personal finding. Of course we still go out and work to show the Lord that we are willing to work, but it's interesting nevertheless. We also taught Brenda a few lessons and she is starting to come along. She thinks that the idea of Temples is awesome and feels like it would make sense for Joseph Smith to be a prophet. It's not a testimony yet, but it's a start.
   Some exciting things are happening in the Ward for some reason. Our Ward Mission Leader is super pumped to get things rolling, members are bringing people to church and Missionary Work has been a topic of discussion. Not sure what happened but it could just be God preparing them. It's a lot easier to be excited for the work when you know that the Members have your back, otherwise it makes it a lot more difficult.
   We had exchanges on Friday. I went with Elder Wright and he is a great new missionary. I'm glad that I get to serve around him and learn from him. I am starting something called a 40 day fast where I start with a food fast and then for 40 days think about and work in everything that is keeping me from having the Spirit. I started yesterday and I can already tell the difference that it's making but Satan is also noticing so I'm going to have to stay extra on guard.
  I realized today that I only have 6 months left. It's been quite the experience so far and I'm glad I still have a good amount of time left. Time to work hard!
   My testimony of God has been strengthen this week simply by the fact that I feel His presence around me and have really been able to feel His love. I'm not sure what was different this week but I know he's there more and more as the days have been going by. I hope you all can feel His love as well because I know that He truly loves you and wants to bless you. Please do all that you can to allow His blessings to permeate through your life. I love you all! Have a great week and let me know if I can do anything for you!

- Elder Eddenfield

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