Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th!

Good afternoon family and friends!

   Some exciting things happened this week! We are officially moved into our new place, everything is moved in and organized and clean. It's really nice. 
   Secondly we are starting a Book of Mormon study class and already have quite a few members, both active and less-active and some people that members have invited that should be coming. We weren't planning on starting for a few weeks but in our weekly planning we felt that it would be best to start this week. On reason why might be that one member who is trying to stay active responded to our invitation to come with an I will be there and once again you have called me in my time of need. Little experiences like that make this work seem like much more of a reality. 
   Third, we had a Ward Fast for missionary work and are already seeing great miracles. Multiple members have expressed to us that they have already seen differences in their friends and have seen success already. One member told us that as they were walking their dog they were talking to their neighbor who mentioned that they are looking for a new church. They hadn't been looking until this fast and now they are. Miracles never cease when the Lord is on your side! If you draw His power into your life you can't go wrong.
   I think that's about it for the area this week. We gave Don a tour of the church but haven't been able to see him since then. His dog almost attacked us when we were trying to contact him, so that was cool but luckily we didn't get bit or anything. 
   I know that the Savior lives! The Book of Mormon testifies of him and will strengthen anyone's testimony of him. It is the most correct book on the face of the planet and goes hand in hand with the Bible. As I've read it I've truly come to feel of its truthfulness.

I love you all!

Elder Eddenfield

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