Friday, July 14, 2017

Stellar Week

Hello family and friends!
   This week was great! On Monday night we took Jacob out with us to stop by a less-active member, but he wasn't home so we talked to the Less-Actives neighbors who were outside and they both seem to be pretty interested. It is so amazing how the Book of Mormon can change people's attitude. One of the guys was nice but really wasn't interested in listening to us but as we taught and testified of the Book of Mormon his heart opened and he eventually accepted a copy of it and asked us a bunch of questions that we were able to answer for him. 
   On Tuesday we completely finished cleaning out the old apartment and then we had a 4th of July dinner with the Albrechtsens. 
   Wednesday we had District Meeting and it went alright, it’s definitely quite a bit harder preparing for and teaching District Meeting with another Elder but it is preparing us for the future. We talked about the new standards of excellence that have been given to us by President Griffin. They are really some pretty hefty goals but I trust the promise given in 1 Nephi 3:7. Anything is accomplishable with God! We also had our first Book of Mormon study class session and it went really well. We had two less-active members, a non-member, and a few active members. It was a really good turnout for short notice that was given on Sunday.
   On Thursday we did the regular weekly planning and service at the Salvation Army. It's really cool how easily people learn to trust Missionaries. We have only been there for a few weeks but the head lady let us run the place on our own for a few hours while she was in her office making calls.
   On Friday we had one of the Traveling Assistants come with us out of the blue but it was really good to have him. Elder Urness came with us and he goes home with me so it was cool to work with him before we ran out of chances. We spent most of the day doing service at the Catholic Food Pantry and studying. That night we stopped by some people named Karisma and Golden who are former investigators. There wasn't a male there above the age of 18 so we called Brother Lowe, a member and asked if he could book it over to us so we could teach them and he came! Members are awesome. We had a great lesson with them and Karismas boyfriend Darius showed up right as we were starting and sat in.
   On Saturday we had a really awesome experience because we went to Kankakee! That's my first area where Elder Wilson just so happened to be serving before he came with me. He was teaching someone who got baptized on Saturday so we got to go up. It was so cool being able to see so many old faces almost two years after serving there and it was even cooler how many remembered me. That was a good area. It's funny when you get home sick for areas you've served in. 
   Lastly on Sunday we had church as always and it was great. Jacob gave his farewell talk and you can tell that he is going to be a great missionary. After that we had dinner with the Poors and then we had a lesson with Karismas group again and it was pretty good. They all committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. After that we drove around with a different member trying to catch certain people at him but had no luck. That's how it goes sometimes! 
   Overall it was a pretty stellar week! I love you all and hope that you find some peace this week through Christ who lives! I know that He lives!

Elder Eddenfield

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