Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

  This week was great! On Monday night we were walking around and we got a call from a random number. It was one of those caller salesman guys, he was trying to get us a really good deal on a T.V. but sadly we had to be the home owners so we weren't able to get it. It's really too bad for us but lucky for him because we tried to share the gospel with him...but he hung up. I honestly think it was one of those really smart voice recordings where it responds to certain words, and if it was we could really help him obtain salvation. Either way they had their chance. 
   On either Tuesday or Wednesday while we were doing a little tracting we knocked into a nice lady who knew almost nothing about the church and is very active in a mega church in town. We mentioned eternal families with her because she is hopefully getting married soon and when we were about to move on she stopped us and asked us to explain what we meant by eternal families. She liked what we told her and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, said that she would read it, and accepted a return appointment! I know where success comes from but man was that a nice little miracle.
   On Wednesday we met with the Monger family and had planned on teaching them about the great apostasy but instead just read through the introduction to the Book of Mormon with them. Well, Elder Kloosterboer and Brother Monson did. The youngest daughter was having a fit so I had her sit next to me and we went through the Gospel Art Book and got her to stay quiet. Supposedly the lesson went well and from what I heard it sounded like it.
   On Thursday we had Zone Training and our monthly focus is on the Book of Mormon, so that was a main topic that was discussed. Found out that we will be going to the Temple in two weeks! It will be my first time in over a year. I kind of knew we might be going but it was confirmed and I'm pumped. After Zone Training we went to Portillos because Elder Young has never been. While we were there we had the wonderful opportunity to cot act three people. One of them was the cashier lady. I was the last one in line and after I ordered she started asking about who we were and when I explained how we leave our home for two years and go out and work all day long she was really surprised. Sadly this happened to be the one time that I ran out of cards so I couldn't give her anything. A guy who was eating there who was dressed like he was from the 1800's came up and talked to us as well and started telling us all about the churches history and how much he admired Christ's church. He was accurate with everything he knew and defended a couple of things that most people would criticize us about. We asked if he was a member and he said that he was not but he was planning on reading the Book of Mormon next year. This year he's reading the Koran and Elder Young invited him to pray after he read it and he said that he would. Hopefully in a year Elder Young will be able to find him again to follow up. He was a pretty sweet dude. The other one was a table cleaner from Albania. He was the nicest guy who got moved here for a job working somewhere else. He knew a little bit about the church and let us explain a little bit more for him.
   We had a couple cool experiences throughout the week I just can't remember when. We had a lesson with a newish member and tried to do some family history with him but we could not find any of his family, we just aren't cut out for that I guess. We are going to go to a family history library with him soon to get help from them. We also contacted an atheist mane who said that he hopes we are right because he wants there to be an afterlife but just can't believe it. He really liked that he might have a chance to accept it later.
   Also, the other Elders investigator Jennifer got baptized on Saturday. Baptisms are always wonderful, the spirit that manifests itself when that sacred ordinance is being performed is like nothing else. On Sunday she asked us to stand in while she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and that was wonderful as well. It amazes me that God trusts fallen man with His Holy Priesthood but it is needed for us to progress. Anyways, she moved to our side so now we will be teaching her themes member lessons. It will be nice to go through all of the lessons again. Good practice for me and it will be good for her as well.
   Well, I think that's about it for this week. President Griffin has given us a Book of Mormon challenge to take and as I've been doing it I have felt the Spirit confirm to me each day I've done so that the Book of Mormon is true. I'll attach a picture of it and I invite everyone to accept the challenge regardless of whether you have read it already or not. Even if you don't want to try it, please do so anyways. I promise that this book will bless your life, it has mine and that's the whole reason I have stayed out here on my mission. I love you all and hope each and every one of you the best this week.

-Elder Eddenfield

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