Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Temple is Awesome!

Hey Everyone!

   We just got back from the Temple and it was awesome! First time in over a year and it was good to be back. Can't really say much else about it except for the fact that the Spirit that is felt there is wonderful. Found out that one of Grandpa Leroy's cousins is going to be the new Temple President in November or something? They left a note for me. Hopefully it's who I thought it was. Because of this email time is seriously cut down, so sorry about that, next week should be better.
   This week was pretty good. We didn't teach any lessons but we had lots of finding lessons with members that went pretty well. The members in this Ward are awesome and all have plans to share the gospel but now we just to get them to write those ideas down on their Ward Mission Plans. Slow but steady progress on that. 
   Also, K* M*came to church! Wahoooooo, that's the first investigator I've had to church in months. It was pretty awesome especially considering that fact that he's only 9 and he came to church without his family. He was very quite but loved the music and hopefully if he comes frequently he can sing in the Primary Program in October and then the rest of his family is sure to come. Awesome stuff! We'll be meeting with them on Friday and probably explaining the Sacrament to them, fingers crossed that they understand the importance. 
   We called some guy in our Areabook and he wants to be taught again so we have a lesson with him tomorrow so hopefully that goes well. I'm pretty pumped. Also, we made contact with Michelle again and she still likes us, so that's good! Her phone has been having problems and her husband is never home so she is probably going to ask him if we can just teach her, hopefully she does that is.
   We moved a members friend over the weekend and only had like 3 people there helping but got it done pretty quickly. Once we left she started asking the member tons of questions, real questions, about the church. This member is super happy and hopefully we are going to get the Ward where she's moving to help her unload everything and then baptize her. Or not, either way the help would be nice.
   Well, that was quite the mishmash of stuff thrown together but that's what you get when Elder Eddenfield is on a time crunch. Hope you all have a great week! And I hope the Book of Mormon challenge is going well for you (and I hope you're doing it) because it sure is strengthening my testimony and I know if nothing else it will at least help you understand why I'm out here in the middle of Illinois. I love you all! Have a great week!

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