Monday, September 26, 2016

Three Miracles

Hellllllllllo everyone! Welcome to Fall. Right now it is 66 and blustery and it feels fantastic. Almost sweater weather? Sadly it's supposed to start getting warmer again next week. At least the trees are changing colors now.
   This week was pretty good. We had some cool miracles and really saw God's hand in our week.
   On Tuesday night we officially started our Book of Mormon Study class and had two people come! It might seem like an odd thing to be excited for but the last two weeks we had zero people. So two is great! As I said last week, the Temple was fantastic. 
   On Wednesday we were supposed to have a lesson that was set with a guy that we called but it fell through. Such is the work! We then taught an Activity Days lesson on the Holy Ghost and that was super fun. Then we had a lesson with a lady that lives really close to us named Stephanie. We read 2 Nephi 32 with her and got her to start doing the 21 Day Challenge. Hopefully she develops a testimony!
   On Thursday we had a lesson with Sister Pointer and went over the Ward Mission Plan, well Elder Kloosterboer did. I played have the ball get kicked at me with the daughter and he taught. Those lessons are always interesting, but fun. We then had a surprise dinner with a member and boy can they talk. It was all good stuff but we were there for sooooo long. Repenting is in progress. 
   On Friday we had a lessons with the M* and Jit finally sat in again. We talked about church and the Sacrament. No clue if they got it but we know that K* did. 
   On Saturday we did service for the Park District again and collected seeds for a couple hours. It pretty scary when you can barely see over the grass that you're walking in, but it's an adventure. Nothing else too exciting happened then. 
   Sunday is where the real miracles happened. We were supposed to have a lesson with the Mongers in the morning at 10 but they forgot and were leaving to go to a market. We rescheduled for that night which was awesome. Right before we got picked up for church we met a cool guy named T* and set an appointment up with him for Tuesday. If we had ended up having PEC that morning like normal (which for some reason we didn't have it) we wouldn't have met him, miracle 1. Church was great as always. K* came again and loved it. After church we stopped by a less-active with a member and the less-active told us that if it haven't have started raining he would have been out on his bike and we wouldn't have caught him at home, miracle 2. We then had a dinner with a great family, super geeky so that's awesome! We then had our lessons with the M* and when we got there Ganga had been crying and we were able to help comfort her a little. If we had our lesson earlier we wouldn't have been there to help her, miracle 3. Those are just three miracles but for some reason they stuck out to me more. 
   In that lesson with the Mongers last night we sang I am a Child of God to start off and I have not felt the spirit that strongly in a lesson for a while. I guess music really does bring the spirit. Or maybe it was the simple truth taught in that song that we are all children of the most high. He loves us more than we can ever love anyone. He is willing to help us and sometimes has to let us go through trials, hard trails, so that we can learn to become like Him. It brings great comfort to know that He loves us so much that He gave His son to suffer for all of those things we go through daily so that we wouldn't have to do so alone. For that I give thanks to God and I hope you all do as well.
   Well, this email was super long. Sorry, I had a lot to write I guess. I hope and pray for you all daily, specifically that each of you will have a fantastic week filled with the Spirit of the Lord. I love you all, have a great week.

A little side note. General Conference is this weekend! For those of you that have never watched it it. Trust me, it's good stuff. If you don't know what that is go to and there should be a panel about it. Watch it! Thanks.

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