Monday, September 12, 2016

I Am Now 20 and Feel No Different

   This was a great week. Last Sunday the Stake fasted for missionary work and boy did it work. I'll just mention a few of them here.
   Probably the biggest miracle was the potential we found. We were stopping by a former investigator who hasn't been taught in a while and ended up talking to her son-in-law Mark. Turns out she moved to an assisted living place and was just staying with them for a bit. Turns out he knows a lot of members and knows a lot about the church. We talked to him for a bit outside but he invited us in eventually and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the First Vision and went a little more in depth than we normally would but he really enjoyed it. At the end he asked how often we come by his area and when we told him it was our first time in a couple months he seemed a little sad so we told him that we would be back next (this) week and he was happy about that. We'll see how it goes!
  Another cool one was while I was on exchanges with Elder Moore. We were driving to an area and for odd reasons kept turning down the wrong streets. On one particular street Elder Moore felt impressed to knock out the court. We did so and found an awesome guy named Jamal. He has a very limited religious background which turned out to be great because for the first time I was able to explain who Jesus Christ is and what the Atonement is without them already having a different idea about it. He loved what we taught him and wanted us to come back and he also wanted to go to church. He has been through some stuff recently that has humbled him. Proof that the Lord softens people's hearts in preparation to receive the truth. 
   On my birthday the Monsons called us and took us out for a surprise. We went to Geordanos or however it's spelt. It's good Chicago style pizza. It was a good birthday. The man named Jamal was found on my birthday so I guess you could say finding him was a present from God. 
   Next week we are going to the Temple on Tuesday so that's when preparation day will be and we will have very little time to do much of anything, including writing emails.  So sorry about that, but I barely have time most days as it is.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am now 20 and feel no different.

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